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- Construction company -


Stavl s.r.o. is a construction company, and these websites were my first project. The client did not specify a time limit but wanted the website to be completed in the near future. The purpose of the website is purely informational. I worked on the website for about a week, and the client's requirements were straightforward. While we haven't agreed on website improvements yet, during our meeting, the idea of using the website for sales purposes was mentioned. We started working on the website during the summer of 2022.
- fotograf -

David Landgraf

"This website serves as the online portfolio for David Landgraf, a photographer. We began working on the website in November 2022, and we continuously update, improve, and add new elements to it. Mr. Landgraf designed the website himself, and I simply brought his vision to life. I didn't build the website from scratch but took it over from another developer who no longer had time for web projects. Working with Mr. Landgraf was a great experience because he had a clear vision for what he wanted from the website, and his website is one of my best creations."
- Construction company -


With the first order completed, a new one came in for the website presentation of the company Devastine s.r.o. We started working on the website during the summer of 2022. I began working on the website immediately after finishing my first project. I completed the website in exactly one week.
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Hofa Guard

Work in progress
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Work in progress
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My main focus is to create modern and functional websites. I leverage my skills and experience to develop websites that align with the needs and goals of my clients. My objective is to build websites that assist customers in enhancing their brand visibility and achieving their objectives.
If you need video editing for your website, there's no problem. Thanks to my skills and creativity, I can create professional and captivating video edits. My work is focused on meeting your requirements and ensuring a professional look and high quality for your website, including video editing.
"I'm an experienced web developer who can not only create customized web solutions but also edit photos to better match your website. If you need photos that align more closely with your website, I'll be happy to take care of that and ensure that your web visual presentation is professional and attractive."
Keywords are crucial. I leverage my knowledge and experience to optimize content to help your website achieve higher rankings in search results. With my SEO marketing skills, I am ready to assist you in optimizing your website and achieving better search engine rankings.
- Ivan Hvězda -

Something about me

Hello, I am 18 years old, and I create websites for businesses and entrepreneurs. With my extensive know-how and experience in the field, I can provide you with reliable and professional web solutions. My goal is to create a unique and attractive online presentation that fully meets your needs while adhering to modern design trends.

My approach is based on a thorough understanding of your business and target audience. Taking these factors into account, I will create a turnkey website that functions effectively. I use modern technologies and practices to ensure optimal performance, fast loading times, and responsive design on all devices.

When you rely on me, you can expect a high level of professionalism, adherence to deadlines, and regular communication. My previous successful projects and satisfied clients are evidence of my capable and reliable approach. Give your business a chance to shine online with my assistance!

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